Some rules for driving in USA

Because of the sheer size of the USA and the excellent road network the best way for getting around and sight seeing the real America away from the big cities is to rent a car. A cheap, reliable option is to rent your car from  If you are confident in your driving and you have decided to rent a car, you must know the driving rules within the country. We show below some of the laws you should be aware of. 

Speed Limits
Speed limits are determined by the size of the population so if you go further into the rural area, you will find higher speed limit allowed, for instance, the speed limit in Arizona will be higher than that in New Jersey. You must follow the speed limit signs very religiously if you don't want a ticket.

Coloured Signs
Highway signs are usually color-coded. Green and white signs provide the route information such as places, distances and exits. These are typically found on the road sides. Blue field signs refer to hospitality areas such as hospitals, hotels, rest areas, food, fuel and bathroom. Brown signs refer to heritage areas indicating historical tourist attractions, entertainment, natural attractions and campgrounds. Red and orange signs mean danger, or stop. If you see a blinking red light, it would mean the same as Stop, so you must halt the car completely and proceed after making sure its safe. Yellow sign, just like the yellow light also means caution. The regular white signs are known as the regulatory signs which you must obey in all cases.

Driving Rules
Be advised that driving laws are determined by each state differently so you may find them different when traveling across states. Nonetheless here are some general rules:

  • You must stop in both directions for a school bus that has flashing lights? These school buses are typically yellow and are marked as School Bus. The penalty for not obeying this rule can be very high.
  • If there is an intersection where all the directions seem to have a Stop sign, the drivers have to proceed exactly in the order in which they arrived. If there happens to be a tie, the car on your right will have the first right to go.
  • You must change lanes or slow down to give way if there is an emergency vehicle of a kind in your way, such as an ambulance, tow truck, fire truck or a law enforcement vehicle.
  • Stop for pedestrians in a crosswalk, which refers to a four way intersection.
  • Parking on the road must always be on the right side, going along with the traffic and not against it.

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If you drive sensibly and courteously you should have a safe and enjoyable driving experience.

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