If I have paid for a rental why do I have to give my credit card details to the Car Rental Company?

Obviously extras need to be paid for such as child seats, snow tyres, one way fees, extra driver charges, young driver charges etc.  If you sign acceptance of roadsafe, car upgrade, personal accident then these will also be charged to you card.

The basic rental prices do not include fuel. Cars are supplied with a full tank of fuel the cost of which will also be charged to your card.  You will be advised to return the car with the tank empty....or as near as you dare.

Should you incur any traffic violations eg parking, tolls, speeding, then these will be charged to your card plus an administration fee.

Any willful or negligent damage to the car (and this includes removing smoking odours) will also be charged.  For this reason do ensure that there is no sign of such damage to the car before leaving the pick up location.

If you think that you should not trust the car rental company with your card just remember, they are trusting you with a $20,000 vehicle.

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