Should I upgrade my car?

Larger cars are more comfortable, particularly on American roads and often take more luggage.  If you are doing a lot of driving or travelling long distances it may well be a good idea.  It may cost a tad more and  fuel economy may suffer a little.

How you go about arranging the upgrade is an important consideration.  Car rental agents often offer a car upgrade when completing the rental agreement - should you take it?  In a word NO because local rates are applied, not cheap-car-rentals rates!! Book the car type you require from the outset as you know that car group will be available for you and it will save you lots of $$$$$$

The best way of illustrating this is to show an actual example:

Paid for a CDAR car in August 2011 for 5 days = $290 

Upgraded at rental desk to SDAR

Upgrade fee $45 x 5 =  $225.00

APCONREC fee 11.1% on  upgrade = $24.95

Tourism Surcharge = $6.41

Total cost of CDAR + upgrade to SDAR  =$546.36

Total cost of renting an SDAR with = $320 a saving of $216.36

Booking a cheaper car group and upgrading at the car rental desk was 40% more expensive.

After a long flight you may well be jaded and not as sharp as usual at the car rental desk and not read or ask about the cost of what you are being offered and sign for items you would normally reject but if you do it will be costly as they are not refundable later.


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