Why use has contracts with both car rental companies that specialise in holiday car rentals, i.e. Alamo and Dollar.'s rates are only available to foreign visitors to USA and are not available to US or Canadian citizens/driving licence holders.  They are particularly suitable for foreign visitors for two reasons, 

1) they include Insurance and Collision Damage Waiver (No Excess), both very important for foreign visitors.

2) they include all other fees which are incurred but which are normally charged separately, so the total cost is known.

This makes them overall much cheaper than rates available in USA. The one downside is that once the rental has started it can not be changed. If you return the car early there is no refund and it is not possible to extend the rental, you will need to return the car and make a new booking. The savings made will mean that financially you will not be worse off. This will not normally be a problem to foreign visitors as they will have made plans and have a fixed time in USA

If renting locally the headline price may well be cheap but when the mandatory fees are added such as local tax, state tax, insurance, premium location fees, homeland security, CDW. mileage, and customer facility charges you will find that's rates work out cheaper overall.

There will be no extra charges when you return your car other than possibly for fuel. However if you order anything extra eg child seats, winter tyres, ski racks, Roadsafe, PAI, young driver surcharge, one-way fees or any traffic fines or toll charges, or the car has wilful/negligent damage these will need to be paid for and will be charged to your credit card.

Overall offers trouble free, economical and affordable car hire.

Don't get caught by fees

See our low US car rental rates.

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Cheap car rental in Florida inc Miami, Orlando, Ft Lauderdale.  Rates given for both Alamo and Dollar rent-a-car. Aairport & downtown locations
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