Cheap Car

Information for US Rentals     

IMPORTANT When collecting your car you will need to show:

  • A full, clean driving licence. If your licence is non Western characters  eg Chinese, Arabic, you will need, in addition, an International driving licence.
  • Your car hire voucher.
  • A credit card. This usually has to be a Visa,  Mastercard or an American Express card.  A debit card or cash is acceptable at some locations but not all. 

Avoid surprise charges

You will need to sign a rental agreement. Rates are inclusive of taxes, insurance, surcharges and mechanical assistance. Roadsafe, which is an optional extra, will be offered locally but there is no obligation to accept this. Other items such as child seats, one way fees, personal accident insurance, car upgrade, toll passes are also optional extras. You will be asked to agree and sign for these items on collection of the car, as part of the contract rental. DO NOT AGREE if you do not want to PAY for them. WE WILL NOT BE ABLE TO CLAIM A REFUND FOR ANY  CHARGES SIGNED FOR BY ACCIDENT. When signing the agreement please take a moment to ensure that you fully understand the rental agreement and items you have been asked to initial/sign. In all cases you will also be responsible for traffic violations & tolls during the rental, & willful or negligent damage. 

Before driving off

Before driving off check the condition of the car carefully. Check for dents and scratches to the exterior.  Check the condition of tyres. Check the underside. Check the interior seats, carpet, door panels. Also check there is no evidence of cigarette smoking as you are liable for  removing traces of cigarette smoking.  If you see any damage, report it to the car hire company and see that they note the faults on your contract before you drive off, to avoid being responsible for the damage.