Inter City Rentals in USA

Instead of automatically choosing to fly between two cities, have you thought about driving between them? View and appreciate the country rather than flying over and at best viewing it from the air and at worst not seeing it at all. It is very easy to arrange to pick up a rental car in one city and drop it off at another. 

In our experience the most frequently used inter city cities are Los Angeles to Las Vegas. One of the problems we regularly see here is that customers ask to return the car to a hotel in Las Vegas. Whilst this is possible, Hotel desks close at 5pm and if you wish to return after this time you must return it to Las Vegas airport which is open 24 hours a day.

Other occasions when a one way rental it is not possible to book an inter-city rental::

  • Not all locations participate. In particular small franchise locations usually do not participate

  • Large or premium cars are often excluded

  • You can not drop off outside USA

You will need to advise at the time of reservation if you wish your rental to be iintercity.  When using the system check the prices for a standard reservation from your departure location and then proceed to give your name and address and on the same page you can choose where you wish to drop off the vehicle.

Within Florida/ and California/Arizona/Nevada. there is no extra charge but between other locations there is a charge known as a drop off  fee and this is dependant on the distance between locations and is payable when you collect the car. Many Time and Mileage rates do not have drop off fees but do remember to calculate the cost of the mileage between the locations and we expect that you will find our rates are cheaper overall.

There is no drop off charge on one way rentals within Florida  and California  and between any two participating Dollar Corporate locations in California, Arizona and Nevada.  Enquiry should be made when selecting your drop location about Alamo rentals and between other locations the drop off charge is likely to be:

Distance Alamo Rent A Car Dollar Rent A Car
0 to 200 miles $99 $50
201 to 500 miles $150 $100
501 to 1000 miles $300 $300
Over 1000 miles $750 $750

All one way car rental fees are subject to change without notice and local taxes and fees and need to be paid at the rental location when you pick up your car.